8 Hassle free food swaps which can make your diet healthier in no time

Planning to make your diet healthier and don’t know where to start from? Here are few easy food swaps that would boost up your diet with good nutrition.

In today’s lifestyle managing health with hectic work schedule is a tough task, even the ladies who are indulge in homemaking or the students busy in studies can’t be able to focus on their personal health and lifestyle. The urban lifestyle is more attractive towards shortcut methods. Here people are well aware that a good nutrition is the backbone of healthy lifestyle but don’t know how to execute this. Planning a healthy diet can be overwhelming- especially when you can barely manage to work in just a banana or a side of green beans once in a while.

Following are some of the hassle free food swaps which can put you on the path to healthy eating:

  1. Protein shakes instead of bowls of cereals

Many of the families have switched to cereals like oats, wheat flakes, corn flakes or other cereals for their breakfast. Yes it seems to be a healthy approach which is easy to prepare within few minutes but you can put a lot more nutrition by switching into protein shake which is equally easy.

Why it is better: a protein shake made with yogurt, milk or soy milk with a fruit will provide you a nutrient dense recipe, loaded with the vitamins and minerals provided by the fruits and proteins by soy milk or yogurt. Since you’ll be drinking the milk rather than sinking it at the bottom of the cereal bowl you’ll be getting the enough amount of calcium too.

  1. Fresh fruits instead of juices

If you’re trying to make you’re diet more fruit based, whole fruit is the best way to go. Fruits juices only ends up by adding the calories quickly and also not be able to fill you.

Why it is better: by adding the whole fruit in your diet as a snacking material is an easy way to start with the healthy eating. Spend 50 calories on raspberries and get 7 gm of fiber in return that will help you to maintain the satiety and also aid your digestion with better enzymes and fiber. Whole fruits are better in every way.

  1. Multi-grain instead of refined flour

Usually whenever we visit the grocery store, unintentionally we end up buying lot of unhealthy products and most of them are made of refined flours. The primary principle to eat right is to “watch what you eat”. Swap the refined flour products with multi-grain.

Why it is better: multi-grain have a good compositions of different amino acids which results as good source of proteins plus a good source of carbohydrates. Multi-grain are basically whole cereals and contains a good amount of fibers which aid in better digestion also. Multi-grain breads, pasta, multi-grain flour and other bakery products are some of the examples.

  1. Green tea instead of coffee/ tea

Being caffeinated is good but excess of anything may lead to its harmful consequences. Consuming coffee or tea may boost up your physical performance but excess of caffeine can also be a toxic. It is better to switch on green tea to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Why it is better: green tea is better than any of the caffeinated beverages in every aspect, a cup of green tea will provide 36 mg of caffeine. People who are prone to gain weight must drink green tea, it will help to burn the excess fat and maintain the healthy weight. Green tea is also rich in antioxidants which help to boost up the immune system and prevent body from developing the carcinogenic cells.

  1. Salads instead of pickles and sauces

Compliment your meal with real veggies instead of preservatives. A pickle can please your taste buds but not to your health.

Why it is better: fresh salads are fully loaded with vitamins minerals and antioxidants which help to boost up the body functioning. They have the richness of fibers and healthy enzymes which aids in good sense of satiety and better digestion. On the contrary pickles and sauces are processed and comparatively have lesser nutrient density. Due to excess of preservatives such as oils and vinegar that may also cause gastric issues, it can affect the digestive system which can cause loss of appetite.

  1. Cottage cheese instead of processed cheese

We all are cheese lovers; from kids to adults everyone loves to add extra cheese in their meals. No worries; eating healthy is not a punishment to your taste buds. Switch to cottage cheese to and give a kick start to healthy lifestyle.

Why it is better: cottage cheese is purely made up of milk having the richness of proteins, vitamins and minerals like calcium which are important nutrient for good health. On the other hand processed cheese are consists of emulsifiers, coloring substances and preservatives like salt. Processed cheese especially hard ones are super fattening high on calories and salts which contributes to hypertension and also not so heart friendly. People who plan to lose weight preferably should stop consuming processed cheese and switch to cottage cheese.

  1. Vegan sandwiches/burgers instead of chicken ones

If chicken is in your menu plan then swap it with vegetables. A vegan sandwich or a burger with tofu and lots of lettuce, tomatoes and onions with whole-grain bun or bread would definitely please your taste buds. They are pretty good substitute for the chicken.

Why it is better: getting proteins from plant based resources means you’re cutting lot of fat and saturated fat which you’d get from chicken.


8. Infused water instead of regular water

Water is an essential and key nutrient in all. Our 60% of body comprises of the fluids only. We know the significance of drinking more and more water but usually it ends up as an impossible task. In order to increase the water intake drink infused water instead of regular.

Why it is better: water infused with fruits like orange, apple, lemon or mint etc. not only provides the hydration but in addition it also provides the natural flavor that aids in increase intake of water. It also cuts down the calorie intake that usually you can get by drinking fruit juices.

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