12 Easy diet tips to avoid extra pounds during “Festive Season”

In India, Festivals are so important and integral part of people’s life. The celebration is done with the exchange of a variety of mouth-watering tempting sweets and snacks. During festive season it is very difficult to keep on a healthy diet as nobody wants to be a spoilsport by denying for those delicious pieces of stuff, overloaded with calories.

Even those who have healthy weight tend to gain a couple of pounds during the festive season. It is important that we enjoy the festival and still maintain the good health. How do you keep your health, fitness, and weight on track through these months and till the New Year rolls in?  Here are few easy to follow tips to avoid gaining extra pounds during this festive season:

  • Never skip your breakfast:

Breakfast is one of the three major meals of the day, many of the studies show that the people who avoid their morning meals tend to consume more poorly diet through the day and also exercise less. During the festive season, must focus on eating breakfast comprised of proteins and fibers, this will aid in stabilizing the blood sugar levels till the midday.




  • Take time for your major meals:

Compromising your lunch for a calorie-dunked dinner is not a good idea, the focus must be on three major meals; Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner. Small light and regular eating will help to maintain the optimum levels of blood sugar and prevent the cravings.




  • Eat before the party:

Before stepping out for a party or a gathering, eat a light snack. A bowl of salad of fruit with peanut butter or almond butter can fix your cravings and help to settle down the starvation.





  • Survey the buffet:

It is a better way to walk past the buffet table and check out the menu before filling the plate. Choose your favorite foods and skip those you don’t like this helps to avoid the overeating. Taking a bite of one of the menu servings instead of filling your plate is also a good idea.



  • Mind the portion size:

Food items that are calorie dense such as fried snacks and sweets, instead of filling your plate with all those calorie dense food items, prefer the smaller portion size for them.





  • Eat slowly:

This old age theory actually worth to follow during the festive season, though it should be followed throughout the year but to actually avoiding the overeating and excess of calorie intake this is the best idea to pursue. Eat slowly and chew the food properly this will aid in better digestion especially for late night meals.



  • Choose the ingredients wisely:

It would be best to prepare sweets at home, prefer low-fat (skimmed) milk and other dairy products. Restrict the using of vanaspati, substitute the refined sugar with artificial sweetener or with natural sugars such as honey, jaggery, and dates. Nowadays diet sweets and ice creams are easily available in the market. Go for them and feel less guilty. Instead of maida switch to whole wheat flour for cooking sweet and snacks.


  • Choice of sweets

Try to make your food choices healthier. Explore the market and find new healthier substitutes. Prefer the nutrient dense sweets like gajar halwa, coconut or suji laddu, kheer, doodhi kheer, fruit custard instead of calorie dense sweets like gulab jamun, jalebi, etc.




  • Drink water before meals:

To get the feeling of satiety, drink water before start snacking in the parties or get together this will help to provide the sense of fullness and also lower down the level of cravings. Take few sips of hot water after consuming sweets this will aid in better digestion.




  • Think before you drink:

Most of the occasions offer a lot of non-alcoholic beverages during the course of the day, but these beverages are loaded with sugars and calories. Don’t over drink the juice either; whole fruit is the way better. Even if there a bar menu, try to control the amount of alcohol you consume as alcohol is fattening. Prefer the low-calorie beers and wines whenever you can.



  • Light meals in dinners:

Try to keep lunch get together instead of dinners. Eating light meals during the night is best as the digestion slows down at the night time. Even if you’re attending dinner parties, prefer healthy appetizers like soups, roasted snacks, fruit chaat and salads instead of deep fried stuff.




  • Exercise regularly:

Last but not the least; do not forget to indulge yourself in physical activity. The benefits of exercise are known to all of us. Fix to your workout routine, keep practicing workout like yoga or get involved in some sports activity also try a moderate increase in daily exercise it will help to boost your metabolism and prevent you from gaining those extra pounds.

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